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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day all!!

Today is the ~day of love~ for millions of couples around the world. It is also the following : "Single People Awareness Day", "Single Lady Celebration Day", and "Day Before 50% off Chocolate Day." Personally, it is just another day to me, but my boyfriend and I went for a wonderful supper last night at Thai Orchid that included amazing food and some lovely wine.

I don't think this day is meant to hate on the single people, but to appreciate what you DO have in life. Things happen (or don't happen) for a reason. Just because you haven't found that certain someone doesn't mean they're not out there just waiting for you to find them. Have faith. 

I have never been one for all the hype of Valentine's Day, all of the chocolate and the flowers and the kitschy ridiculous things that show up around this time. I do love those hot cinnamon hearts, and the cute message hearts, and I always gave out Valentines up until I graduated high school. Well, last year I gave out Transformers Valentines even though I was 20, that part is still fun. :D I think that random flowers for no particular reason from your significant other is the sweeter than on the day that they feel obligated to. 

My one exception : 

My boyfriend came home from a 'Swap Meet' which is where a bunch of people, car dealerships, mechanic's shops, etc. take all these vehicle parts and sell them. Craziness. He picks me up from the bar where I went to waste a little time and have a drink after a hard day. We get to my house, and he helps me bring in my groceries, then says "I will be right back." La-de-da, I'm putting away my groceries, and I turn around and he's standing there with this huge bouquet of the prettiest red roses. This was honestly the first time I think that I have ever received flowers on (or in his case, before) Valentine's Day. And not just a dozen, 18 beautiful red roses. 

Cue me being all :


Some of my favorite pictures of us:

His first time in the Atlantic Ocean

I am just so blessed to have such an amazing guy in my life. He has stuck with me through all the good, the bad, and the crazy.

Now I'm off to eat some left over Green Curry Chicken!!