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Monday, March 21, 2011

tattoos & zucchini blossom

So this Saturday past, my mother and I went to get her 2nd and my 3rd tattoo. 

I had been wanting something for my family tattoo for a long time. A few months ago, I asked my mom if she would ever consider in getting a tattoo with me. She said yes, of course. So on to the Google we went. Searching and searching for the perfect scotch thistle, which is what we both decided to get. See, I was born and raised in the Maritimes, and that is where most of my family still is. So a lot of people close to my heart are very, very far away from where I currently am in the middle of the Alberta prairies. I wanted to get something that would incorporate my family motto, and remind me every day of where I came from. 

Just a warning, there is a picture of the tattooing process that may gross some of you out. Mmm ooze.

Prepping her tools

Yup, I'm a bleeder

Sarah hard at work

Clean up!

Flipped mirror pic :)

Bare canvas...
Her stencil

Oh this feels lovely... not.

Finished product!

Her tattoo was the MacDonald family motto "Per mare, per terras" which translated means "By sea, by land" while mine is the Kennedy motto "Avise la fin" which means "Consider the end." Depressing, I know. We both chose the scotch thistle because they remind us of our roots, and because they also thrive in the harshest of conditions.

Reppin' the tattoo parlor!
 It was a fun (albeit somewhat painful) experience, and the girl that did our tattoos did a great job. I can wait another 3 years for that feeling again, though. I will post pictures after they are both completely healed.

We had also planned to go out for lunch afterward at this cute little cafe/market called The Zucchini Blossom. Oh. Em. Gee. I will most definitely be going back!! The food there was wonderful, and they had so many interesting things for sale. A lot of organic stuff as well :) Of course I had to get pictures of everyone's food (except my brother's, they were late with that) Also, I just realized that I got pictures of everyone's food except my own, for some reason! So I stole a pic from my friend's Facebook.

Chai Latte made with loose tea leaves

Orange cream Italian Soda
Lemon bar - Which my friend ate first :)
The 'El Gaucho' - Pork loin, mayo, cheese and chimmichurri

The Breakfast panini - Ham, provolone, egg and pesto

The El Gaucho panini & Green tomatillo corn chowder

The Special of the day - Veggie Chili with a side of focaccia bread
My boyfriend, myself and my Alberta bestie Shianne
The El Gaucho with a side of bean salad - So fresh and tasty!

 I could not have asked for a better post-tattoo meal. I also had a peach-pomegranate spritzer, and a homemade ginger-molasses cookie for dessert. Omnomnom. If you are from southern Alberta and need a new place to go for your coffee or tea, this is the place. Totally awesome! This means you tourists too ;)


- Do any of you have tattoos? What is their significance, if any?
- Do you love trying out new cafes and restaurants?  


  1. It was a painfully fun day Lauren! The food afterwards made it all worthwhile!
    Love you! xox

  2. tatts are amazing. i just got my 3rd done last month nd yeh it hurt like hell [half of it is on my ribs ..] but the reason behind it makes it worth it!

    Can't wait to see it healed! xo

  3. This one was my 3rd, and it hurt like a bugger! Especially the head of the thistle and the 'A' that curves around... Right on my shoulder blade.. It was one of those 'In through the nose, out through the mouth' moments.

  4. I love that you and your Mom got Tatts together. Both my kids and I share crowns on left wrist(Lauren got a charm bracelet from her Grandmother on her Dad's side with all the places that she had travelled. On it was a crown and conviently enough I am British so on goes the crown) I got my amazing star tattoo's with my stepdaughters. I have numbers on my hip that include my racing distances that I need to get completed with my marathon distance. I have my sun/moon which is a pendant that I bought eons ago thinking it would be my first tattoo ever. Pretty much 20 years later and my 4th tatto later, LOL!! Then randomly I was sitting in a tattoo parlour with my son in law and there was an available tattoo artist so on went my "Om" symbol within a heart on the back of my neck. I can't wait for my next one...... I am getting my girls paw prints on my foot! It is true they are addictive!!!