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Monday, April 25, 2011

spring bugs, mini eggs and hot runs, everything that's wonderful....

Happy belated Easter everyone!!


 Look who was out today (and yesterday) !!!! 

Mr. Sunshine!
Mr. and Mrs. Ladybug - it must be spring!!
Everyone got up relatively early, minus my younger brother, who would sleep all day if he could.
The Pop Chips are my fave!!

My parents and I went to the nearest town with an open grocery store, and had quite the time trying to figure out what we were having. Ham? Salmon? Tilapia? Chicken? Turkey? Well the long and short of it was that there was NOT a whole lot of selection of anything - go figure, it's Easter weekend - and we ended up getting tilapia! Now, this is definitely different from any usual Easter dinner. It is always ham or turkey, but what fun is it if you don't start new traditions?

But before this delicious feast happened, we came home from shopping, and got our running garb on. It was a beautiful 18 degree day, and Mom wanted to go for a run. I wasn't feeling it so much at first, but then said 'Why not?' She ended up doing 10.44k and I did 9.18k. My socks really sucked and I got a little blister, and walked the majority of the way. And THAT my friends is why you wear technical socks! The sun was at my back the entire time I walked/ran on the highway, so I got a really dirty looking 'X' tanlines on my back from my shirt.

Post - run Green Monster!
 For the fish, my mom used this orange-wasabi-ginger seasoning blend from a local store, and grilled it on the BBQ. It was served alongside spinach salad with homemade celery seed dressing, sweet potato oven fries and roasted broccoli!! Omnomnomnom.

I definitely ate this plate plus more salad!!

The eye of Kaa the Snake - or the Basilisk :O
Hope everyone had a sunshine-y Easter! I am glad to say I am NOT in a sugar coma today!



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