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My eating habits aren't always the best. I do try my hardest to eat healthy and choose what's best for me. Sometimes eating healthy just isn't enough. Exercising is what makes you feel better about yourself, and leads (most times) to better living.

I did ChaLEAN Extreme last February, and within the 3 months, I had lost about 15 inches off my body. I have no idea how much weight I actually lost, because the weight scale has always been banished from our house. But I felt so great about myself. People were complimenting me left and right about how I looked, nothing bad at all. I was so pumped!

Before CLX, at my heaviest
Last summer

During the warmer months, I would run with my mom. We would do small runs during the week, and save our long run for Sunday mornings. Some days, I felt like crap and just wanted to die. Some days, it was "OH YEAH! Let's do this!" Two of my favorite runs from last year were the 12k from Burdett in the pouring rain of the summer, and the almost-but-not-quite 16k around the outskirts of my town. One was soaking wet with rain, and the other was soaking with sweat and covered in a layer of salt.

Another favorite run walk was my first year of the Underwear Affair in Calgary last June. It is a run to raise money for all the cancers below the belt. Our team had about 25-30 people. Most were from the local Running Room, while others just joined to do the race. Our team name was Saving 3rd Base and our "uniforms" consisted of jersey shirts, boycut undies for the girls and regular boxer briefs (obviously for more coverage lol) for the guys, thigh high socks, and our running shoes. Every team / individual had their own unique uniform. Ours was very modest compared to others. I did the 5k, and walked the whole thing with my mom and my aunt, who had flown out from Nova Scotia just for the occasion. Okay, for my little brother's grade 9 grad, but shhh.
Getting ready
Bum shot! Calgary Tower in the back
A fraction of the group
Inside the venue
The whole experience was a blast, from start to finish. There were people all along the course that cheered us on, people honking their horns at us as they drove by, people running out of the stores and yelling at us, you name it. After we were finished, we got complimentary pitas, fruit, and carbs galore. Plus 2 ~complimentary beverages.~ The team leader had reserved a table for us at a club called Broken City for supper. So after freshening up, we headed down there, undies and all. Imagine eating supper on the patio of this club, and having 20+ people in underwear (and we were NOT quiet) and their posse show up. When supper was finished, it was downstairs, where some of us danced the night away. I was personally asked by men and women both, including the bartender, if we were on a team of some sort. Rugby / soccer/ football, etc. It was so much fun!!
He ran 10k in those things!

Post-race munchies :)
Dancing our pants off ! (lol)
Along with that, I ran the 8 kilometre Ladies Fest race the next week, and more recently, the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve. And now, here I am. In March. I tried to do round 2 of CLX in the summer, but I lost interest. I was running a few days a week since the start of the year, and then the treadmill died. I guess I have lost my motivation a little since then. I find it hard some days to drag my arse up and do something I know is right for me and for my body. That's how everyone is, I know.  Watching every week (pretty much) of Village On A Diet and Biggest Loser just pushes me more and more. Especially when I see someone that is the same size as me reach their goals and then some. There have been some mornings when I wake up and look at myself and sigh. I can kick arse and take names, I know I can. I was the girl that would play tackle football and soccer with the boys, and enjoy the looks on their faces when I could hit or kick harder than they thought. 

Bootin' er to the finish
Yes, we all did the 8k in the hot temps and grass skirts !

I guess all I have to say is that I still am that girl, but I just have to find her and welcome her back to this world. And if I kick arse, I can see the looks on people's faces, and enjoy it just because.

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  1. You are such a beautiful spirit and clearly such a fun person to be around. These photos are amazing. Wishing you all the best <3